Maximize Working From Home!

In today’s society, many individuals and small business owners succumb to the idea that ‘working from home’ consists of lying around the sofa, sleeping-in, constant snacking and meal-breaks, and working in front of the television or working around the kids playing in the yard… but is it productive and possible to do this?

Stay-At-Home Jobs are actually feasible and can be productive and efficient!

Although working from home may have its distractions and limitations, these 10 tips are structured to maximize work productivity and efficiency in the luxury of your own home.

  1. Allocate an Office Space ~

    Lying on the sofa, or sitting at the dinner table is NOT the way to get things done. You need a proper and adequate work space that is separated from the leisure of your own home. Allocating an office space limits distractions and prevents some unnecessary disruptions allowing you to focus on the job at hand. It is an important tactic to create a suitable and conducive environment!
  2. Set Office Hours ~
    Working from home perpetuates flexibility and increases availability to work regarding structured office hours. It is crucial that setting a fixed time as well as setting deadlines increases productivity and completing the task at hand. Setting structured office hours in the luxury of your own home increases efficiency and that likelihood that you will complete the task!
  3. Plan an Agenda for the Day ~
    A schedule or agenda is an important tactic that allows you to plan and list the tasks that you would like to complete for the day. Having a simple to-do list, or a structured calendar, will afford you the ability to glance at certain tasks, or allow you to gauge whether you are on track or not. This will also allow you to prioritize and see what things need to be done. Creating a timetable is important to track your daily objectives!
  4. Avoid Personal Tasks ~
    During your scheduled working hours, avoiding personal tasks such as preforming household chores, running errands, having guests over,and other personal interests will allow you to focus on your job and preventing personal tasks from blending with your professional interests. Consider your work-time just like you would if your boss was there!
  5. Start Being “Tech-Savy” ~

    Technology allows working from home to be extremely convenient and easy. In order to boost efficiency, make sure you are familiar and are aware with some basic technological tools, such as Skype, LinkedIn, and Google. Online tools improves communication instantaneously and making your work easier than ever!
  6. Try Not to Multitask ~

    Working at home creates temptations for multitasking since coworkers and bosses are not around making demands. Facebook, or finishing that trending series on television and Netflix sometimes seems better than finishing your professional work. Multitasking has proved to be detrimental to one’s productivity rate! 
  7. Stretch When You Can ~
    As working from home can cause you to work late into the evening, or unconventional hours, it is important to take a few breaks to ease your mind as well as stretching your body. Make sure you take care of your body and mind first!
  8. Be Flexible ~
    If you are a caretaker, stay-at-home parents who need to take care of their family whether it be children or the elderly, it is important to be flexible to allow yourself a break from both your job and your personal duties. Make sure that your flexibility doesn’t interfere or hinder your job performance. This may be an important reason to out-source your work and projects!
  9. Be Thrifty; Save on Supplies ~

    Working from home hinders the benefits of subsidized office supplies and other amenities. It is important to be thrifty and frugal to only buy the supplies you need and at an economical value since your office is personalized to you. Think heavily on the value of your work and not the value of your supplies! 
  10. Keep Your Social Interactions Active ~
    Locking yourself in your at-home office and staring at 4 walls is not an efficient (or sane) way to develop ideas and to increase morale. A friendly call, or a casual lunch will give you an energy-booster and keep your communication skills and productivity levels active!